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ALERT! Yahoo ads spread CryptoWall ransomware:

http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2014/08/12/yahoo-ads-spread-cryptowall-ransomware/ Delivering malware via advertising on websites is nothing new – it’s been going for years – but when it’s something as dangerous as Cryptowall that can cause real damag...

Techni-Core Offers Managed Services!


While you can easily replace your server hardware, what you can’t easily or cheaply replace is your business’ data. Your data is the lifeblood of your business! Managed IT Services are the backbone of what keeps your Network, and your data, running efficiently and dramatically reduces downtime and recovery costs during a catastrophe. It is the exact opposite of “firefighting” IT services – it is preventive maintenance services that MUST be performed on your servers and computing systems.


Zberp Trojan alert

An evolved version of the Zberp Trojan has recently been used to target business’ financial data through low-volume email campaigns. It disguises a Windows ‘PIF’ (Program Information Files) file extension as a PDF. Once the link to the file is cli...

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Job Seekers

The ultimate Social Media Guide!