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Fulfill your DFARS 7012 Visitor Log Management Solution Requirement

Streamline visitor sign-in: When you automate manual tasks like filling out legal paperwork, alerting employees or creating badges, everybody wins.

Make a better first impression: Using a modern sign-in solution is an unexpected way to wow visitors with a powerful, tech-forward first impression.

Know who’s in the building: Custom visitor badges make it easy to see who’s authorized, and the real-time dashboard always shows who’s signed in.

Require NDA signing: Our Visitor Management System makes it easy to ensure visitors sign your NDAs. Guests simply sign on the iPad when they’re signing in.

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Store signed documents: Envoy securely stores each signed NDA. Access them from the dashboard, or set up an integration to file them automatically.

Let visitors sign before they arrive: Give visitors the option to read and sign your NDA in the comfort of their own home or office—or even on the go!

The right document for the right visitor: If you have multiple legal documents, that’s no problem. Envoy will display the right one based on a guest’s purpose of visit.

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