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| Visitor Management for DFARS 7012

Let Techni-Core help install a Visitor Log Management solution to satisfy DFARS 7012 requirements.

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Need an Answer to your Physical Security Requirements for DFARS 7012?

Streamline visitor sign-in

When you automate manual tasks like filling out legal paperwork, alerting employees or creating badges, everybody wins.

Make a better first impression

Using a modern sign-in solution is an unexpected way to wow visitors with a powerful, tech-forward first impression.

Know who’s in the building

Custom visitor badges make it easy to see who’s authorized, and the real-time dashboard always shows who’s signed in.

Require NDA signing

Our Visitor Management System makes it easy to ensure visitors sign your NDAs. Guests simply sign on the iPad when they’re signing in.

Store signed documents

Envoy securely stores each signed NDA. Access them from the dashboard, or set up an integration to file them automatically.

Let visitors sign before they arrive

Give visitors the option to read and sign your NDA in the comfort of their own home or office—or even on the go!

The right document for the right visitor

If you have multiple legal documents, that’s no problem. Envoy will display the right one based on a guest’s purpose of visit.

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