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Government Cloud Hosting

Migrate to the Cloud with Existing On-Premise Assets More and more businesses are shifting their infrastructure to the cloud and away from on-premises environments.  There are many reasons for this sudden shift, all of which are mentioned above, but most important are extremely high resource availability (especially when pertaining to continuity of operations), immediate disaster recovery ability, and connectivity of end users to enable the ability of employees to access critical company resources [...]

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Why Managed Services Saves Time & Money

While you can easily replace your server hardware, you can't easily (or cheaply) replace your data. Your data is the lifeblood of your business! Managed IT Services are the backbone of what keeps your Network, and your data, running efficiently. Not to mention, they dramatically reduce downtime and recovery costs during a catastrophe. Managed IT Services are the exact opposite of "firefighting" IT services - they are preventive maintenance services that MUST be performed [...]

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