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NFO Controls – “What you Should be Doing Anyway”

In August 2015, NIST 800-171 listed 62 Non-Federal Organization or NFO controls as "expected." Think of NFO as the controls you should already have in place. The additional 62 NIST controls marked "NFO," are not part of the "mandatory minimum." The Government expects them to be satisfied as part of your existing security policy. NFO items include controls covering every NIST category from Access Controls to Systems and Information Integrity -- they also include [...]

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Zero Risk? Not Exactly Possible.

If an IT security practitioner tells you that there is "zero-risk" of something happening, you should run...FAST....He/She is doing you a disservice and by lulling you into a false sense of security. First, let's start with what risk actually is. Risk is the potential that a given threat will exploit vulnerabilities of an asset or group of assets and thereby cause harm to the organization. It is measured in terms of a combination of [...]

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