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//Using an iPhone or a Mac? Watch out for this site. – Andrea Peterson

Using an iPhone or a Mac? Watch out for this site. – Andrea Peterson

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January 25 at 3:39 PM –
Beware of pranksters on Twitter today if you’re an Apple user. Some people are trying to trick their friends into visiting, a site that does, well, pretty much exactly what it claims to do: crashes the Safari browser bundled in with Apple’s iPhones and Mac computers.

Social media saboteurs are using URL-shorteners to disguise the link so their unsuspecting followers will click on it — crashing their browser or in some cases forcing users to reboot their devices, according to some reports.

But never fear, the issue is more annoying than dangerous. At the most, it seems you may lose open tabs depending on your settings. It’s not entirely clear which versions of Safari are affected, but the site is reported to work on the latest releases for OS X and iOS. On an iPhone 6S running iOS 9.2 tested by this reporter, it just caused a second of frustration, and then the device was back to normal. More…

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