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Migrate to the Cloud with Existing On-Premise Assets

More and more businesses are shifting their infrastructure to the cloud and away from on-premises environments.  There are many reasons for this sudden shift, all of which are mentioned above, but most important are extremely high resource availability (especially when pertaining to continuity of operations), immediate disaster recovery ability, and connectivity of end users to enable the ability of employees to access critical company resources from any office location or customer workspace – very important to DoD contractor employees who are working 100% from customer site locations!

You don’t just “jump into” a Cloud-based model (unless you are a new business and just opened your doors – in which case this is the best way to start!).  Odds are, you have invested thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in server hardware – and your CFO will give you an evil glare if you say “Let’s scrap all of our hardware and move to the Cloud!”

The best approach is a phased-adoption approach. First, starting with your oldest hardware or your most critical servers.  Why spend $10k on a new server?  Move that aging server directly to a Cloud platform like AWS or Microsoft Azure and take your first step into a hybrid cloud model.

For mid and small businesses, a cost-effective option is to migrate their existing infrastructure to a secure cloud-hosting provider while still maintaining parts of their infrastructure on-prem. This allows organizations to store protected, CUI, or privileged data on-premise, while retaining the ability to leverage computational resources in the public cloud for running those critical applications that rely on this data. By reducing the long-term storage of potentially sensitive data on the public cloud, you are minimizing data exposure.

Maintain or Attain DFARS 7012 with Microsoft Office 365 GCC High

Techni-Core highly recommends the purchase of Microsoft’s Office 365 GCC (Government Compliance Cloud) for businesses that would like to use Office 365 as an answer to some of the requirements of DFARS 7012. While the commercial version of Office 365 E3 is FedRAMP moderate approved, it does not meet the DFARS (c)-(g) requirements, specifically (d)-(f):

(d) Malicious software

(e) Media preservation and protection

(f) Access to additional information or equipment necessary for forensic analysis

The core issue is that Microsoft utilizes shared data centers (and disk) in the commercial version of E3, and they do not have a way to separate just your data in the event of a breach.

DFARS 252.204-7012(e) requires full disk images be available in the event of a breach, which poses problems for multi-tenant environments with co-existing customer data (i.e., commercial E3). Microsoft has not provided clear guidance that they will comply with the DFARS requirements in the commercial instance of E3. If you want to be 100% DFARS compliant you will have to purchase the GCC High version of E3, which provide the level of separation required by DFARS. If for budgetary reasons you wish to utilize the commercial E3 without the GCC High, it can be a note for future remediation on your PoA&M until such time you are ready to migrate to the compliant cloud.

Migrate to the Cloud Easily with our CSP Partner, Pax8!

Pax8 is the leader in cloud distribution. As a born in the cloud company, Pax8 empowers businesses to capitalize on the $1 trillion cloud opportunity and achieve more with cloud. Through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and pre-and-post sales support, Pax8 simplifies cloud buying, improves operational efficiency, and lowers customer acquisition cost.

Pax8 is a proven, award-winning disruptor in the market, earning accolades like NexGen’s Best in Show two years in a row, Biggest Buzz at IT Nation, CRN’s Coolest Cloud Vendor, Best in Show at two consecutive XChange conferences, HTG’s Rookie of the Year, and more. If you want to be successful with cloud, you want to work with Pax8.

  • Pax 8 Makes Migration from Google’s G-Suite Easy!
  • Office 365 GCC and GCC High volume licenses for your users starting at 500 users
  • Maintain your Government DFARS 7012 Compliance with GCC High.

“For the past year we have been partnering with Pax8 to assist with weekend Office 365 migrations for our clients retiring on-prem and hosted Exchange solutions. All in all this is a good way to go…it has really helped with the heavy-lifting portion of the migrations. It has saved us from having to constantly monitor the system for hours during the mail transfer. We are able to check in with the Pax8 staff during data sync to see where we are on the project. The staff has assisted us with MX Record changes and setting up AD Integration in cases where it was warranted. Their support during post-migration has been spot-on for any issues that have come up.”
– Pax8 Customer – Pete, Denver, CO

Our Cloud Partnerships

Benefits of Cloud Migration

For the past few years, cloud computing has increasingly become the focus of IT decision makers and CFOs. Many Defense Contractors and other security-conscious businesses have been resistant to move their critical data and workloads into the cloud.  Many businesses are concerned with the migration process, cost, security of data and the ability of their personnel to access that data readily and safely.

As cloud services technology evolves its services for deployment for organizations, a new model of cloud computing has gained a strong foothold in businesses’ IT decision making: the hybrid cloud.

Businesses that migrate to the cloud immediately realize the numerous benefits of cloud-provided resources, including:

  • Modernization of current IT asset base

  • Planning and flexibility for future growth

  • Lowered infrastructure costs

  • Increased business agility and responsiveness

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and restoration

  • Business Continuity of Operations

  • Physical and data security

  • Remote access to resources for the new mobile workforce

  • Integrate and secure with a BYOD workforce

The Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

In the hybrid cloud environment, IT decision makers have more granular control over both private and public components over using a “prepackaged” public cloud platform. Much like a buffet, the IT decision maker can select the features, mix of operation, and security you need allowing the ability to tightly customize the environment to fit the dynamic resource needs of the company – all while answering to Federal regulations on data security whether at rest or in transit.

The hybrid cloud also provides an added benefit of only paying for extra computing time when resources are needed. This feature, known as dynamic cloud resource provisioning, allocates resources based on demand and is responsive to dynamic workloads. Again, think of our “Just in Time” inventory analogy – you don’t have to pay for a server with more storage capacity than you currently need, just allocate space on someone else’s hard drive and a portion of processing resources, only as you need it! A cloud provider has the ability to provision these resources between thousands or even millions of requests at much more reasonable cost to the end consumer! Utilizing the dynamic resources of the public cloud is a cheaper proposition than building out a private infrastructure that sits idle for most of the year and puts an end to the artificial limitations of an archaic hardware infrastructure.

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