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What is Continuous Monitoring?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology introduced a six-step process for the Risk Management Framework (RMF), and Continuous Monitoring is one of those 6 steps.  The objective of a continuous monitoring program is to determine if the complete set of planned, required, and deployed security controls within an information system or inherited by the system continue to be effective over time in light of the inevitable changes that occur. Continuous monitoring is an important activity in assessing the security impacts on an information system resulting from planned and unplanned changes to the hardware, software, firmware, or environment of operation (including threat space).

Continuous Monitoring is a prominent security control requirement that links to auditing and logging for incident response planning.  Continuous monitoring is important because the process is contingent upon new data on potential threats and targets. A good continuous monitoring program is the one that is flexible, current, and features highly reliable, relevant and effective security information to deal with the evolving threat landscape.

On-Premise Solutions.

Continuous Monitoring solutions can be hosted with software installed on-site and managed by your corporation’s personnel.  Many times this is done to allow for more granular response and control, and other times it is because US-based servers and personnel are required to meet ITAR compliance.

Cloud-Hosted Solutions.

Cloud-Hosted solutions offer many advantages to overworked corporate staff.  Cloud solutions listed below offer concierge-level monitoring as well as log storage offsite for incident response requirements.  SOC hekpdesks offer service-level monitoring, alerting and response that extends the reach of your in-house security response.




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