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Techni-Core DFARS 7012 Assessment Reporting Tool

For Prime Contractors & Subcontractors

What is TechDART?

TechDART is a quantitative analysis tool that will provide a metric for gap analysis for NIST 800-171 control families. The TechDART gap analysis tool provides data that can be entered into the Contractor’s Plan of Actions & Milestones (PoA&M) to indicate the percent of compliance that remains to be performed or completed. Techni-Core Independent Consultants will address gaps in documentation and technical controls. As part of a comprehensive TechDART evaluation, the checklist will include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of progress made for each control family in NIST 800-171
  • An evaluation of implemented solutions such as Multifactor Authentication, Continuous Monitoring, and Encryption
  • Evaluation of utilized Cloud Service Providers for FedRamp Approval
  • Input of data harvested from Network Vulnerability or Penetration Scans
  • Incident Response process evaluation

All information collected by the TechDART gap assessment will be entered into the Plan of Actions & Milestones.  Each TechDART assessment builds upon the previous assessment until all milestones have been met.

PRIMES: Who is responsible for the compliance of your subs?

YOU ARE. The responsibility lies with you to ensure your subs are compliant with DFARS 7012.

Why? Put simply, you hold the Prime Contract and are required to flow down the contract’s DFARS 7012 clause as defined by the Subcontractor flowdown clause.  A sub who is found non-compliant will likely not be allowed to perform further work on your contract.

SUBCONTRACTORS: Do you know where you stand with DFARS 7012 Compliance?

TechDART can also be used by any contractor to assess their own readiness.

It’s a proactive step to start the compliance process. TechDART will give you a clear picture of the cost and labor involved.

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