Key Customers

  • Commercial IT: over 250 local clients

Contract Vehicles

    • GSA Schedule # GS-00F-0036M (PSS)
    • US Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command (AMCOM) Express: Technical Domain, Multiple BPA Teams
        • SAIC Subcontractor
        • Vencore Teammate
        • CSC Teammate
        • Torch Teammate
        • Quantum
        • Sigmatech
    • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Contract (SETAC) 10
        • Intrepid Teammate
        • Quantum Teammate
    • US Navy SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego
        • Colsa Subcontractor
    • US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)
        • Leidos Subcontractor

What Our Customers Say About Us


“Techni-Core sets the standard for a level of service which sets them apart as an IT organization. Having had exposure to other IT organizations, Techni-Core is much more rigorous in pursuing and documenting a solution to an IT hardware/software problem than other IT service providers. Additionally, Techni-Core is a proactive organization in providing security updates regarding time sensitive threats to our security as a defense contractor. Techni-Core was a large reason why our move to a new location was so successful and happened with very little upset to our IT functionality. They met with our provider of our phone system to minimize any surprises which we would encounter when we changed physical locations. Techni-Core is willing and able to take the time to meet and explain to us the complicated language of the IT world into easily understood terms so that Scientic can understand the benefit of the products and services offered.



Techni-Core Network Services, Inc. has been, and continues to be, PPT Solutions dedicated IT network solutions service provider since 2006. Specifically, [Techni-Core] has provided, and continue to provide, outstanding network support services to PPT.  They are committed to ensuring that our servers, desktop, laptop, mobile and cloud systems are:

    • fully integrated,
    • compliant with the latest IT and Cyber standards,
    • protected with top notch security measures, and
    • monitored 24/7 for any activity that could potentially disrupt our day to day operations.

Techni-Core Network Services provide a level of service that other IT organizations should strive to reach.Their commitment to meet and satisfy our IT needs has far exceeded our expectations. In addition, they are proactive in contacting us when new and emerging technologies become available that they believe would strengthen our overall IT infrastructure. They are very willing to sit down and take the time necessary to translate the complicated language of the IT world into laymen terms so we can understand the benefits of the products and services offered.


Qualis Corporation

“Techni-Core has been servicing our computer technology needs since 2000. In those years we have installed ever more complicated systems to facilitate electronic time keeping for payroll, Deltek GCS Premier accounting software operating on an internal network with 3 users, and a local network with 8 users on an internal server. Techni-Core, and in particular Lawrence Taylor-Duncan, has been totally responsive to our needs. They usually are here within an hour of the time we call with a problem, depending on the severity of the problem. We especially appreciated the level of effort from Techni-Core when systems go down. We have found that the personnel from Techni-Core in general have a level of expertise and initiative that insures that we get the best support and the quickest service available.

One of the most valuable things Techni-Core does for us is to prevent problems by keeping us up to date with the latest tools to prevent unauthorized user access to our systems and control email problems before they can occur. We don’t let anyone but Techni-Core have access to work on our computers and networks.