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Systems engineering solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) applications

The integrated technology of our Nation’s Defense systems require Engineering expertise to manage multiple systems in a modeling and simulation environment from initial design, through integration and testing support.

As the complexity of integration for embedded systems continues to grow, the emphasis on modeling and simulation of these individual systems within a testbed environment is key to seamlessly integrating these systems on the battlefield successfully.  Knowledgeable Systems Engineers are a critical component to mitigate risks during the  verification and validation phase of the development process.

The Techni-Core Difference

Techni-Core Engineering delivers tailored engineering solutions that highlights the cross-discipline systems engineering development process – from systems definition, to integration, M&S test and operations support, and verification and validation.   Our Systems Engineering teams utilize business process management to complete customer development cycles within a timely manner, producing cost advantages to the Government. Our customers that we support are AMRDEC, SED, and GSIL. 

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