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Meet the Team at Techni-Core

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Techni-Core Leadership Staff:

Dawn Reynolds, CEO

Techni-Core Professionals, Inc., Techni-Core Engineering, Inc., & Techni-Core Network Services, Inc.
Dawn Reynolds
Dawn ReynoldsCEO | COO | Owner | Business Manager
Dawn Reynolds originally hailed from New England, having spent many years being groomed and mentored directly by Dr. Edwin Land, CEO and Founder of Polaroid Corporation during the late 60’s. She attained her degree in business from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 1976. The original idea for Techni-Core started in 1969 at the end of the space program. Dawn’s father had brought his family from New England to Huntsville to work for General Electric with the Apollo space program. After finishing her education at UAH, Dawn got the vision to create a way to transition engineers from the Space Program to weapons research for the Department of Defense (DoD). America was just beginning to realize that the knowledge and human resources from Werner Von Braun’s Rocket era could successfully transition into defense weaponry. Huntsville, Alabama was called “Rocket City, USA” because it had, at that time, more Ph.D.’s per capita than any other city. Instead of letting these engineers and scientists leave town, this valuable talent pool was utilized to start the defense work under the US Army located on Redstone Arsenal.

Dawn established Techni-Core Professionals, Inc. on February 28, 1978 as a temporary labor service firm for Aerospace engineers and professionals building space flight hardware/systems in support of NASA MSFC prime contractors. Not long after, Dawn opened a sister corporation, Techni-Core Engineering, Inc., in 1988 as a task-based engineering service supporting the Warfighter for interoperability testing of Tactical Communication Systems in a secure, joint environment. With the help of her daughter, Christina Reynolds, Dawn also started Techni-Core Network Services in 1998 to offer commercial IT Services to the North Alabama area.

Dawn has been a successful entrepreneur in the North Alabama area for over 42 years, and with her expertise, Techni-Core has grown to support and provide for the ever-changing needs of the North Alabama Technology Sector. Techni-Core’s business model over the last 40 years has been to identify cutting-edge technology solutions that can be utilized by highly trained, degreed, and certified technical personnel to create the next “leap forward” for high technology applications. Techni-Core’s approach has always been simple in concept, yet elegant in design, providing our customers with an affordable means to deploy “just-in-time” technological solutions.


Nancy Klar
Nancy KlarTechni-Core Network Services Accountant

Human Resources & Facility Security Officers

Michelle Watters
Michelle WattersTechni-Core Professionals HR Manager & FSO
Panda Carder
Panda CarderTechni-Core Engineering FSO

Techni-Core Engineering Team

Bob Robertson
Bob RobertsonTeam Lead A/V Services
Kelley Shaffer
Kelley ShafferBusiness Development
Laura Ayers
Laura AyersContracts Administrator & Community Service Liaison
Laura originally started at Techni-Core after it opened its doors in 1978. After working several years at Techni-Core, she attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville, receiving both her BS Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Aviation Engineering, with a specialization in Rotocraft Engineering. She served an additional 25 year in service to the US Army under AMC with multiple specializations in helicopter and aviation systems, including Apache, Blackhawk and UAS. Additionally, she helped to found “Still Serving Veterans” and “Alabama Returning Veterans”, and received the Audie Murphey Award for the handbook she authored to help soldiers with PTSD. She continues to volunteer within the Veteran community, including her recent volunteer support for “The Wall that Heals”, the traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial.

Techni-Core Network Services Team

Marco Gonzalez
Marco GonzalezSystems Engineer | Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) | Team Lead (Strategic/S3I)
Jason Burris
Jason BurrisSystems Engineer | Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) | Managed Services Engineer | Vendor Relations

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