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Techni-Core Exostar Cyber Assessments

For Exostar Registered Contractors

What is TechDART?

TechDART is a quantitative analysis tool that will provide a metric for gap analysis for NIST 800-171 control families. The TechDART gap analysis tool provides data that can be entered into the Contractor’s Plan of Actions & Milestones (PoA&M) to indicate the percent of compliance that remains to be performed or completed. Techni-Core Independent Consultants will address gaps in documentation and technical controls. As part of a comprehensive TechDART evaluation, the checklist will include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of progress made for each control family in NIST 800-171
  • An evaluation of implemented solutions such as Multifactor Authentication, Continuous Monitoring, and Encryption
  • Evaluation of utilized Cloud Service Providers for FedRamp Approval
  • Input of data harvested from Network Vulnerability or Penetration Scans
  • Incident Response process evaluation

All information collected by the TechDART gap assessment will be entered into the Plan of Actions & Milestones.  Each TechDART assessment builds upon the previous assessment until all milestones have been met.

TechDART can also be used by any contractor to assess their own Exostar compliance.

It’s a proactive step to start the Exostar compliance process. TechDART will give you a clear picture of the cost and labor involved.

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