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You never achieve 100% Compliance - it is a Living, Breathing Organism

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Once you have achieved full DFARS 7012 compliance, are you “done” with your compliance requirements? 

Not even close!


They key is MAINTAINING your compliance!  This is a daily task.  Patches, system updates, software updates, antivirus/antimalware, backups, firewalls, routers, user training, and awareness – all of these things evolve day by day to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape.  If you are not keeping up with the threat landscape, you quickly fall OUT OF COMPLIANCE.

Compliance is a living, breathing organism.  Cyber threats don’t stop – and they don’t disappear.  They become more vigilant day by day to find security holes and vulnerabilities.  Because they don’t stop, you can’t either.

Managed Compliance Services

Techni-Core has built a responsive program called Managed Compliance Services tailored for your infrastructure whether in the cloud (AWS or Azure), on-premises, or hybrid (resources in AWS, Azure, and on premises). It combines the features of Managed Services – automatic security patching and monitoring, with compliance services such as Log Data analysis, Incident Response, Dibnet portal management, and a 3rd Party Service Provider with the appropriate security credentials to represent our customers on the Dibnet portal. Our Managed Compliance Services packages will ensure you have eyes on your systems daily, actively managing your continuous monitoring and security logs for anomalies and vulnerabilities. If found, a technician will take immediate action to mitigate the threat and capture the required evidence for reporting to Dibnet.

We say this time and time again, why over-burden your already burdened IT staff? If you don’t have in-house IT staff, why burden your already burdened FSO? Compliance consultants, like Techni-Core, ensure your business operations continue as normal and your systems remain in compliance – it’s like having your own in-house IT, but without paying for benefits!

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Separation of Duties and Managed Compliance

Separation of duties helps to mitigate the potential for abuse of authorized privileges and may reduce the risk of malevolent activity without collusion. In order to mitigate an “insider threat” who may be responsible for reporting Cyber Data, we strongly recommend you hire an independent 3rd Part Service Provider, like Techni-Core, to oversee the log review process and provide co-registration and representation with the sponsoring company to provide reporting authority to Dibnet on behalf of the sponsoring company

Examples of separation of duties include:

  • Dividing mission functions and information support functions among different individuals and/or roles,
  • Conducting information system support functions with different individuals
  • Ensuring security personnel administering access control functions do not also administer audit functions.

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