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Test your security policies and user cyber practices to find vulnerabilities before a cyber threat does.

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What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is the testing procedure used to identify and categorize severity levels to potential security vulnerabilities or flaws within an information system as possible in a specified timeframe. The Techni-Core Vulnerability Assesment may involve both automated and manual techniques (such as social engineering) depending on the goals and timeframe guided by our customer’s unique environment and mission-critical assets. Techni-Core Consultants use a risk-based approach to target different layers of technology, including host-, network-, and application-layer assessments.

Conducting vulnerability assessments help organizations identify vulnerabilities in their software and supporting infrastructure before a compromise can take place.  A vulnerability can be defined in two ways:

  1. A bug in code or a flaw in software design that can be exploited to cause harm. Exploitation may occur via an authenticated or unauthenticated attacker.
  2. A gap in security procedures or a weakness in internal controls that when exploited results in a security breach.

Who and What is Targeted in a Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is a tool utilized within a risk management framework to scan for all potential vulnerabilities or threats within a business’ information systems (IS) to rank and categorize by severity and impact to mission-critical operations. Vulnerability assessments may be used for different targeted industries, including:

  • Defense Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Energy/utility companies
  • Aviation
  • Transportation industry
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Communications/ISPs

In particular, we know that Energy/Utility companies and Manufacturers are prime targets for foreign cyber threats to attack, to steal data or information, compromise applications/services, steal credentials, or disable mission-critical equipment.

The goals of a successful vulnerability assessment may differ depending on the system assessed and industry of that customer. For a physical presence of an industry like a utility company such as power and water, identified vulnerabilities may be elements that could disrupt services to customers or damage facilities, like natural disasters, physical tampering and terrorist attacks. However, for an information system like a website with online databases, may require an assessment of its vulnerability to cyber threats and other forms of cyberattack. A physical data center location may additionally require an assessment of both the physical and computer system vulnerabilities because it requires both security for its physical location and for its online resources.

How do Vulnerability Assessments Work?

The primary objectives of a Techni-Core vulnerability assessment are to:

  1. Identify vulnerabilities that may range from critical flaws to simple misconfigurations or patchable/updateable software fixes.
  2. Document the vulnerabilities so that IT Managers can easily identify and reproduce the findings.
  3. Provide consultation and guidance to assist IT Managers with remediation of any identified vulnerabilities.

After performing a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment, Techni-Core will provide a comprehensive document to detail all vulnerabilities found within the scanning parameters designed with the customer (including time, physical, digital, social engineering, etc) and provide full consultation for remediation phases as well as the pro-active steps to take to retain the full benefits of the remediation phase of your vulnerability assessment into a lifecycle management and periodic yearly audit, which we highly recommend for all industries listed above!

Does my Business Need a Vulnerability Assessment?

Every business should conduct a yearly (and sometimes quarterly) vulnerability assessment as a test to verify that the security policies written and implemented by your business are effective. It is important to note that any companies within the category of industries listed above needs to consider periodic and proactive vulnerability assessments IN CONJUCTION with yearly Penetration Scans to reveal new threats and vulnerabilities that emerge BEFORE you are compromised.

A pro-active Vulnerability Assessment will ensure that you are actively testing and tightening your Systems Security Plan, whether you need it for DFARS 7012, ITAR, GDPR, HIPAA or any other industry-required compliance best practices.  This will keep you on top of, and ahead of the threat landscape before you get breached.

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