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Ensuring software products perform as designed for defense applications.

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Since 2001 Techni-Core has provided consultative services included systems engineering expertise for emulated tactical hardware and software; configuration and support between the Army System elements’ tactical
communications design and MDA oversight.  Techni-Core provides Verification and Validation test support services for MDA Test Resources Division (DTRG) in support of MDA M&S Test Events, including benchmarking test operations support.

Techni-Core is responsible for development of current and next generation test architectures and infrastructure for testing, scenarios, plans, and procedures; providing and coordinating test direction and execution; coordinating data collection, issue resolution, and reporting activities; and providing MIL-standard analysis tool operation to the SIL test bed. TCE’s lead engineer has extensive multi-service interoperative simulation test events including requirements definition, scheduling, verification and validation (V&V) and post test data analysis for joint tactical communications [Link 16].

Techni-Core supports tactical communications at the component-level for M&S Validation & Verification process to provide the necessary confidence for Accreditation.

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