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Google Fiber is coming to Huntsville!

||Google Fiber is coming to Huntsville!

Google Fiber is coming to Huntsville!

Google Fiber is bringing its gigabit-speed, fiber optic Internet and television service to Huntsville, Mayor Tommy Battle announced today.

Starting in mid-2017, Google will begin connecting homes and small- to mid-sized businesses to the Internet at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second – up to 85 times faster than average current speeds in the United States. Citywide service is expected in four years.

“If you’re going to have a high-tech community,” Battle said, “if you’re going to be able to address the new workforce that’s out there, you’re going to have a lot of people who want to work from home – mothers and fathers with children, biotech people – who are going to need high-speed Internet service.”

Google Fiber now serves Kansas City; Provo, Utah; Austin, Texas; and Atlanta, Ga., and had announced plans to expand to five other cities, including Nashville. Huntsville would become the tenth city in the nation with Google Fiber.

“You know far better than us that Rocket City is a great place to show what’s possible with super-fast Internet,” Google Fiber Expansion Director Jill Szuchmacher said in an interview, “given the strong science and technology presence and history. We are excited to partner with the city to help bring Huntsville this very high-speed Internet service. We can’t wait to get started.”

“Speeds this high mean families spend less time waiting for websites to load or arguing about bandwidth and more time just using the Web,” Szuchmacher said. “For businesses, it can mean uploading and downloading very large files in just seconds, as opposed to minutes or hours, increasing efficiency across the board.” Click here to read more!

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