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Ranscam and How it Works

||Ranscam and How it Works

Ranscam and How it Works

July 15, 2016 — Ranscam works by infecting a PC and simply deleting users’ files. It then displays a pop-up image, downloaded from a remote server, that instructs the user to forward the money to a specific account if the user wants their files back. It also warns the user that by clicking the “pay” button without actually transferring money will delete one of their precious files. Obviously, even if users do pay, they never get their files back because they were already deleted.

Pretty nasty stuff, right? In an article from , the writer explains that because of its function, Ranscam gives even Ransomware a bad name. Good news from this same article, though! “Ranscam seems to be limited in its spread and that the scammers behind it don’t seem to be receiving any money.”┬áTake a look at the full article using the link below.

And remember — the best way to keep your systems protected against these kinds of attacks is to always trust your instincts!

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